Hej Hej,

This is Maria from Morerawfood. Im an educated life coach and I help people to live the life of their dreams, unfold their true potential and to reach goals beyond possible by eating more raw food. I give raw food courses, I’m a raw kitchen chief and I love to share my philosophy, delicious recipes and my way of eating here on my blog. On FacebookInstagram and Youtube I share pictures and videos about my knowledge and my every day life to inspire people to also follow this lifestyle and their dreams.

My dream is a world full of self love, cruelty free. A world where we live in line with nature and sustainable. Where everyone lives their passion, their dreams, and share it with others so that we all can rock our lives. A world without quick fix solutions, a wonder pill, a skinny fast scheme, calorie restriction and excessive training.

I know I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

I love to live my dreams. Minimalistic, well-balanced, healthy and happy. People sometimes think that I’ve been like this forever. But I can assure you I have not. I’ve been eating junk food, put a whole load of make up onto my face and I always had a big cloud of perfume surrounding me and worked like hell. Quite fast I had to admit that this lifestyle has consequences. Irritable Bowl Syndrom (IBS), skin problems, hair loss and malnutrition just to mention a few.

The decision to cut out meat from my diet was the first step into the right direction. But the major change was the change to a raw food diet. This decision has changed my whole life for the better. I mean the healing took time and didn’t happen over night. I had miss-treated my body for so many years so I had to have patience and give my body time to heal. And this is exactly what i did.

Today I want to be the best version of myself each and every day of course in line with my daily circumstances.

Nutrient dens food, beeng active and self love are the key to a better life and the raw food diet as I’m living it includes all of that. If you once get started you can’t stop. You will feel how your life changes to the better step by step. And that will effect others positive as well.

Everybody is on their own journey here on earth. If I can take a small part to make you living the life of your dreams than I got a step closer to my dreams and so did you. And that I’m forever grateful.