Living your dreams – full of energy, highly motivated, healthy, lean and lot’s of fun. So many people wish to live a healthy, well balanced life struggling every day with on/off dieting, emotional eating, digestion problems and weight gain.

Welcome to Morerawfood. My goal is to support and inspire you on your journey to the life of your dreams. I love to share my recipes and knowledge with you. Morerawfood is designed as a guide which may  provide help and encourage you to be the best version of yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally.

This page combines my most delicious creations, lifestyle – and health tips, my daily life, my passion for coaching, motivation and inspirational quotes which I live every day and help me to become the best version of myself. Step by step.

Our society wants to make us believe that a magic pill can solve all our problems and that special diets and energy bars in combination with excessive training will make us happy, healthy and lean. Of course, it will work for very few people while the majority will put on weight and end up being even more unhappy than before.

My philosophy, I believe, is a more sustainable and well-balanced. I don’t sell the magic pill or pledge any certain diet, fast solutions, starvation or calorie restriction. I believe in a conscious and longterm lifestyle which will lead you to your optimal weight and long term health.


Morerawfood is designed to lead you to a longterm and enduring change in your life. It’s an inspiration to heal yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally. To take the best decision for yourself each and every day so that you can live the life of your dreams. I provide all the information on this website to describe my way of living that I’m living every day.

In the beginning of my raw food journey I had tones of questions. What is raw food all about? How to get started? What do I need to get started? To save you this endless amount of time that I spend researching for all the answer I collected all this information in a free e-book. I also added some great recipes to get started right away and some useful tipps. You can get it for free here.

The question on everyones lips is the question about the protein and where do I get all my nutrients from. When I started with raw food I wish I had a chart which shows exactly that. I never found it so I created my own based on the information at This chart you can download for free here.

A last tip to get started is to use the power of community. A raw vegan diet will lead to a lot of questions and also catches the attention of people around you. To prevent you from being alone with all these questions connect to like minded people. Let’s connect and stay in contact. You can find me and my community on FacebookInstagram and Youtube and I will be around almost daily there as well. Be a part of our community and let’s have fun together. Together Everyone Achievs More.


If you want more personal guiding and support and if you want a kick start to the life of our dreams than you can book a coaching with me.

I wish you so much fun reading the articles and discovering all the recipes and hope to hear from you very soon. Eat healthy, stay active and practice self care and I’m sure you will get the life of your dreams. That’s what brought me to the life of my dreams.