OMG how I loved this cake when I was a child. My mom used to make it for me on my birthday and I just loved it.

Since I’m on a raw vegan diet I often missed this cake especially when I saw my family eating it. But not anymore.

Right now I’m writing another e-book with lots of raw vegan recipes for kids like pizza, fries, burger, pancakes etc and how you can transition your child to eat more fruits and veggies and a recipe for my favorite cake just had to be in there. So I came up with this delicious recipe and I find it even better than the original. I got so excited about it so I decided to give you a little preview of one of the recipes from my book already today. The ebook will be launched in September so stay tuned for more.

Here are the ingredients that you will need:

INGREDIENTS (for a 22cm pie form):


zupfkuchen zutaten


for the crust and the topping:

for the filling:




Zupfkuchen in Form


Put all the ingredients for the crust/topping into your food processor and process until you get a really nice dough. Divide the crust in 4 parts and save one for the topping. Use 3/4 of the dough as your pie crust and add it into the pie form. I make the edges a bit higher as you can see in the video. Put all the ingredients for the filling into your blender and blend until smooth. Pour it into the pie pan. Use the remaining quarter of the crust, form flakes out of it and add it on top of the cake.

I put the cake into the freezer over night and take it out 1 hour before serving.

To prevent the cake from sticking too much to the pie pan I use baking paper and cover the bottom with it before adding the crust.


If you are making this recipe for kids than feel free to add 3-4 tbsp of hemp seeds into the pie crust. Kids need more fat and hemp seeds are a very good source of omega 3.

To be really honest this cake doesn’t taste 100% as the original. The original is made with eggs and yoghurt and this one is made with pineapple and coconut. But it tastes very similar. Also the flakes are not as crunchy as the original but so chocolaty and yummy.

I just love this cake and I can’t wait to see how my parents in law and Laurella will like it when serving it tomorrow.

Here you can find the video for this recipe.

If you want more recipes like this for kids than stay tuned for my upcoming e book in September.

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See you soon. Let’s rock.


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