Are you pregnant right now? Than I have 10 tipps for you which can help you to save some money and to make your pregnancy more comfortable.

During my pregnancy I made some experiences which you can benefit from. For example I bought plenty of nursing bras which I rarely ever used. So here are my 10 tipps for you:


  1. Sport brav instead of pregnancy bras – The breast changes during pregnancy and I find sport bras much more sexy and comfy than these boring pregnancy bras. You can also use the sport bras after pregnancy when working out so you won’t spend unnecessary money. You can also by some bra extensions to use your normal bras a few extra weeks.
  2. The hair tie trick – When the belly starts to grow you don’t need to stress and go shopping pregnancy cloth. Use your hair ties like shown here and you can wear your favorit denim a bit longer.
  3. Oversized T-shirts – Invest in some nice and comfy oversized T-shirts. It’s still in fashion and they look much better and also feel better than tight pregnancy cloth.
  4. Drink a lot of clean water – The baby in your belly is floating within water all the time. To support your body to refresh this water all the time drink plenty of clean water. It also keeps you young and vibrant and helps agains nausea.
  5. Pillows all over – If you experience difficulties to sleep because you can’t find a comfy position than use pillows to build yourself a cosy nest. You could buy a pregnancy pillow already but I never used one when nursing either and in my opinion you can save an extra dollar on this. I just used a normal pillow instead.
  6. During winter – I was pregnant during winter so I had to find a solution to keep me and the belly warm during these cold winter month with minus 20 degrees celsius here in Stockholm. So I found a german supplier who sells extensions for jackets. You just buy this extensions and you can use your normal jackets not only during pregnancy but also when crying your baby in the ergo baby. Such a great idea.
  7. Go Bananas –  Bananas are a great help if you are experiencing leg cramps. So go and have one ore plenty of them. Drinking more water also helps with cramps.
  8. Mineralien Boost – During my pregnancy I had a period (3-4th month) when I had difficulties to eat lots af veggies especially leafy greens. As I know how rich they are in minerals I was always a little concerned if I’m getting all the minerals I needed or that I get enough. Now I discovered green smoothies and these are a great way around it. Just keep the fruit share higher and your tastebuds won’t notice the difference, but you and your baby will.
  9. To do list – I just love to-do-lists. Make yourself a list with all the things you want and need to fix during pregnancy and before giving birth. Start working off this list after the first critical weeks and get things done as soon as possible. This will give you more relaxation in the end of your pregnancy and you never know when this little kid wants to plop out. So you better be prepared.
  10. Stay active – Labour was one of my absolutely best experiences in my entire life and it also was on of the most challenging for my body. And I run a marathon… That’s why I highly recommend to stay active and make some light workouts all pregnancy through. It will help you and your baby not only during pregnancy and for labour but also in generell.


These were just 10 tipps I want to share with you today which I have due to my experiences. I really hope they will help you to enjoy your pregnancy the most and to save you some extra money and the resources of mother earth.

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See you soon. Let’s rock.



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