Do you also have your mobile handy? Today I want to present 7 apps for vegans which can be fun and helpful in everyday day life especially if you are new into veganism.


  • Happy Cow – this one is quite well known. It alerts you to vegan friendly restaurants and other establishments based on where you are located.
  • VeganXpress – will help you to find the vegan friendly food selection at popular restaurants and fast food chains.
  • Animal Free – This app features a massive database of animal derived ingredients so that you can be sure of what you are buying.
  • Bunny Free – You can search any company and bunny free will tell you if the company is vegan friendly or not.
  • vegEMOJI – This app is just for fun. Maybe all it takes to open a friend’s eyes to the vegan lifestyle is sending them one of these cute little emoji and it will be enough to make them seriously research veganism.
  • Is it vegan? – With this app you can scan any food and know instantly whether it is vegan or not.
  • PETA2 – You’ll get up to date reports on animals that need to be saved right to your phone or tablet.

Here you can read more about these Apps.

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See you soon. Let’s rock.


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