It’s truly unbelievable what a healthy diet can do. The woman (Annette Larkins) on the picture is 72 years old. Can you believe it?

A lot of people think it’s extreme to change your diet that way. And it kind of is. But if I can reach results like this I really like to choose the extreme way.

I mean we spend so much money each and every day for pills and creams just to look junger and more beautiful. But often these pills and creams have no effect what so ever except in our mind. I rather choose to invest in good quality food instead.

In my opinion that’s the way to go. Here you can read about these 6 examples which have chosen to eat a raw vegan diet for a long time. I’m so excited to see how I look when I’m in this age.

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See you soon. Let’s rock.



Hej Hej, Ich bin Maria und hier auf MoreRawfood zeige ich dir wie auch du mit Rohkost dein Leben rocken kannst. Hier findest du Artikel rund ums Thema gesunde Ernährung, Nachhaltigkeit und ein gesundes Leben. Wenn du mehr über mich erfahren möchtest dann folge mir gern bei Youtube und Instagram.

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