A new survey in the UK has shown that a lot of parents give their children over size portions or adult portions and that they use unhealthy food to keep their kids quite. The so called Infant and Toddler Forum (ITF) insists that parents are to blame for childhoods obesity. You can read more about this here.

Here is my take on it. I do believe that every parent in this world always do the best they can. All parents just want the best for their little once. And there are very big differences what each and every parents define as the best.

Today I want to share with you what I define as best for my daughter regarding food and healthy eating habits:

  1. Vegan: A vegan (mostly raw) diet with a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. A vegan diet can prevent a lot of diseases and supplies my child with all the nutrients it needs.
  2. Instincts: I really do trust in my daughters instincts. If Laurella shows me that she is full and don’t want to have more food than I trust her on that. Even if she eats very little on some days in my point of view. I’m convinced that she has a natural feeling when she had enough and when she is satisfied. I mean I do not eat the same amount of food each and every day either and I really don’t want anyone to force me to eat more.
  3. Variation: I offer Laurella a big variety of fresh fruits and veggies so she gets as many different nutrients as possible. I don’t offer a big variety for each meal more throughout the day and in a week. She often eats one fruit at a time each meal until she is satisfied.
  4. Healthy Snacks: Of course Laurella likes snacking from time to time. Than I offer her some dates (rich in calcium), my Buckwheat-Balls or some other homemade energy bars made out of nuts and dried fruits. Another great snack she likes a lot are freeze dried bananas. These are healthy snacks and I do not need to restrict them.
  5. As natural as possible. I don’t give Laurella industrial processed food. I offer her natural products and homemade food. Fresh fruits are always a good choice and are available almost everywhere.
  6. Lead as a good example. Kids do what we do and that’s why I eat the way I want Laurella to eat as well.
  7. Small portions: I offer Laurella small portions so she can ask for more if she wants to and keeping myself from pushing her eating up the whole plate.
  8. Let her play. In my opinion it’s very important that kids play with their food and can discover what they eat. Of course this means that I have to clean the kitchen more often, wash her cloth and the bib almost every day but I really believe that this process is important for a healthy relationship with food now and for later in life.
  9. Prepare together: I do prepare most of the food together with Laurella. This way she sees what she is eating and she really likes beging part of what I’m doing especially in the kitchen. This way she also gets interested in foods.
  10. Education.  I do explain for my daughter what we are eating and the reasons why we don’t eat certain things in a way that she can understand it. She understands so much even if she’s just 16 month. In my opinion no child would eat animals if they would understand what they eat. No child understands that a slice of sausage with a face on it was a little cute pig one day.

These are my convictions and what I think is best for my child regarding food and eating habits. What is your take on that and what do you find best for your kids?

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