A lot of foods are claimed healthy and natural because they sell better. I mean who doesn’t want to be fit and healthy? But sometimes this so called healthy foods are loaded with white refined sugar that can lead to diseases.

The food and beverage manufactures don’t have to label wich sugar is added into the product and which occurs naturally. This makes it hard for us to spot these extra sugar.

Here is an example list with 5 things that often contains a lot of added refined sugar and a few healthy opportunity to replace them:

  • Tomato sauce – a bit sweetness is needed to make a tomato sauce tasty but a lot of brands overdue it – here is a good alternative
  • Sodas and vitamin waters – vitamin water sounds great but sweet water sell much better. A healthy replacement is to you make your own vitamin water. Just add lemons or the fruits you like into your water and enjoy.
  • Nutrion bars – studies have found that some nutrion bars are even worth than candy. A healthy alternative are my buckwheat-balls.
  • Flavored yoghurt – this is a hard one to track. As yoghurt contains natural sugar it’s hard to find out how much is added. A better option is to buy natural soy yoghurt and than add sweet fruits like berries or mangos.
  • Cereals – the biggest pitfall – it’s full of sugar and rarely healthy. A good alternative is this raw cereals or this porridge 


Read the food labels and try to replace unhealthy sugar loaded food with healthy alternatives. Sugar itself is not bad. If we eat it as a whole package like ripe fruits than its good for us because we get real energy and a whole load of vitamins and minerals as well. It’s the refined sugar that can lead to diseases.

Here you can read more about it and get some more background knowledge if you are interested in that.

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