I just finished my 15 minutes HIT workout for today and this is how it makes me look.

Science just have shown that already 15 minutes brisk strolls every day reduces early death in older adults.

In the past they thought that you need at least 30-45 minutes of workout each and every day but now they found out that 15 minutes each day will give you the same results more or less.

I find it so interesting because I put the goal for myself to make a 15 minute HIT (high intense training) workout every day to get in form again after my pregnancy. First I thought that 15 minutes is not enough and had a bad conscious from time to time. But after reading this article I’m so proud of myself each and every day. It really keeps me motivated.

If I can’t make it one day, because there are those days in a mothers life, I just take a brisk stroll for 15 minutes instead. And this I can manage every day for sure. I mean I can just walk a few subway stations.

So set yourself a goal and take a 15 minutes stroll every day. It can give you a longer life and more time to make your dreams come true.

I’m out walking right now. So see you soon. Let’s rock.



Hej Hej, Ich bin Maria und hier auf MoreRawfood zeige ich dir wie auch du mit Rohkost dein Leben rocken kannst. Hier findest du Artikel rund ums Thema gesunde Ernährung, Nachhaltigkeit und ein gesundes Leben. Wenn du mehr über mich erfahren möchtest dann folge mir gern bei Youtube und Instagram.

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