Are all your friends vegan? How do you handle that?

Honestly? Not even my boyfriend is vegan. No. I mean he doesn’t eat meat anymore and we don’t have eggs or milk at home but he has some cheese here and than and he also eats it when we are eating out.

How I handle it? I already wrote an article about this topic and you can find it here if you are interested in that.


But let’s get back to the question how I handle friends who are not vegan.

I don’t choose my friends regarding which diet they have chosen. For me it’s important to have awesome people around me who accept me and who loves me just the way I am. it’s not about to gather vegans around me. Every human being is on it’s own journey here on earth. We are all different and thats’ good. Imagine we would be all the same? Wouldn’t that be boring? We had all the same strength and we would not develop so much.


I want to be accepted just the way I am and that’s why I choose to accept others just the way they are. To love someone means to accept someone. If you are searching for friends without any weakness or mistakes (if you want to call it that way) you won’t have any friends at all.

Sure, I do believe that I know more about healthy eating and living than omnivores. But do I really know it? No. The only thing that is for sure is that we all have to die. I really o accept that we are all different and that we all have our own view of the world. Of course I would love to stop that we are abusing animals for our pleasure right here, right now. But all I can do for it is to inspire others, share my knowledge and to lead as a good example.

I’ve tried to change others and to convince them to my way of living and eating. But it doesn’t worked. I’ve lost some good friends by doing it. Today I lead as an example and inspire people to be healthier. That’s they way I choose and that works best for me.


As I said before we are all here on earth on our own journey. It’s like a field full of different flowers. So is the world full of different people.


What is your take on it? Please share with me how you handle this topic. And if you liked this article than please share it with one other person who can benefit from it.

See you soon. Lets rock.



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