If you follow me on Instagram you might know that I almost every week have my girls over once a week. It’s either one or more girls that comes to my place and we prepare delicious raw food together.

Yesterday I prepared some delicious salad bowls. As a few of the things I made yesterday will be in my upcoming e-book (like the falafel balls and the stuffed mushrooms) I want to share the recipe for the dressing with you. It’s very hard to find ripe fruits here in Sweden right now. We couldn’t even find a ripe mango to make my delicious mango dressing.

So we just improvised and blended a tomato dressing with some pineapple. It was very delicious and gave the tomato dressing a taste of summer. Oh how I’m looking forward to summer. But that’s another story.

We blended 500r tomatoes, 5 dates, 6 sundried tomatoes and 1/2 pineapple. That was enough for 2 big salads bowls.

Somehow the time is always flying these nights and I’m already now looking forward to next week. I’m so excited what we will come up with.

Do you have any favorite dressing you really love right now? Please share it with me.


See you soon. Let’s rock.


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