When I started with raw food I got almost all my information through Youtube. Back than I found the german channel of Nadine Hagen. She was not only eating a raw food diet. She also was a lot into water. So I started to get more knowledge about that topic and got more and more curious. I mean our body contains around 79-80% water so this was really an important topic for me. After reading and learning a lot I finally invested into a water filter. Not just any. I bought a Kangen Waterfilter. As I get a lot of questions regarding this filter and regarding tab water I want to share my experience with you today and answer the most common question regarding this topic.


Why I don’t drink tab water anymore?

In my opinion tab water is not good for us at all. Here in Sweden they say that the water quality is really good but I think it is not. A lot of swedish people drink tab water and they all think it’s good. But even here there are more and more news that the water is not ok to drink any more. Just one example for my swedish readers here. So why isn’t tab water good for me? Here are just a few reasons:

  • every day we through hormones, medicine and chemicals into our water which will not be filtered and still are in the tab water
  • only a few metals are regulated by the government. But there are hundreds of other metals and things in the water that are not regulated at all. And nobody cares.
  • The limit for the regulated metals and things increases each and every year. The water we drink today wouldn’t be aloud to drink 10 years ago. So why should we allow it today?


Why do I choose Kangen water?

After all I’ve been reading I think this water is most beneficial for my health. There are more and more science which shows that cancer and other diseases only thrive in an acidic environment. Eating alkaline food as fruits and veggies and drinking alkaline water makes it difficult for these diseases to thrive in my body. I can also use it for my skin and to clean the house. You can read more about this here. I was also thinking about buying a reverse osmosis filter first but some metals are so small that they still get through the filter. I mean these reverse osmosis filters are very good, but I wanted the best for me.

You can read more about kangen water here.

One disadvantage is there with the kangen water. It does not filter medicine so to be on the safe side it’s good to have an additional filter for that.



My experience with Kangen water:

Since I’m drinking this clean water I can really feel an increase in my energy level again. Tab water doesn’t taste good anymore and even my boyfriend who has been VERY CRITICAL towards this machine only drinks this water now. I can really feel the energy I get or I can feel the decrease in energy when I’m not drinking this water (when I’m traveling for example).

When I started to drink this water I noticed that my urine was a bit darker the first days. I think it was due to the detoxification. But it changed after just a few days back to lighter color again.

I also noticed that I’m not that thirsty any more. I drink less but feel more hydrated. I think that my body can absorb the water in a better way.



Which machine do I have? 

I bought this machine. It’s the smallest and cheapest version and I’m very satisfied with it. Approximately every 1-1.5 years I have to change the filter and the machine is telling me when it’s time for that.


I really hope that my experience and this information will help you to take a good decision for yourself and that you also will get more information and knowledge about this water. If you have more questions regarding the machine or this topic than please leave me a comment or contact me and I will be so happy to help you.

See you soon. Let’s rock.


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