A lot of people regardless if they live a raw vegan lifestyle or not do not eat because they are hungry. They often eat due to social reasons or emotional reason or just because why not. I also did that in the past until I got conscious about this. Today I often get the question from other people who are transitioning to a raw food diet how they know if they are hungry and when they eat due to emotional issues.

I recently made a video about how much food is enough for you. In that video I touched this topic a bit and today I really want to go deeper into this question as so many of you are asking me that over and over again.


What does hunger really feels like?

Being hungry starts in your mouth. It’s a kind of dry feeling just as if you are thirsty. So if you drink some water and you are still thirsty and have this dry felling in your mouth still than you are probably hungry.

A lot of people think, that they are hungry when your stomach is rumbling. But most of the time they are not. The body get used to the times when we normally eat and gives you the sign now it’s time for food again. Just because the body is used to it. That doesn’t mean that you are really hungry. In most of the cases we can just leave out one meal without any problems.

You are really hungry when you have a light pain in the stomach. It feels like a light cramp because the stomach is so empty. This feeling won’t get away by drinking water.

If you are really hungry than you would be fine with all kind of food. Even a salad. If you are really hungry and someone offers you some lettuce that would be just fine for you. If not you are probably not really hungry. That’s more an appetite.

In the past I also thought that I was hungry when I lost my concentration. But most of the time I was just cheating myself not doing certain things that I always moved forward and did not really want to do. I was convincing myself that I needed a break to have an excuse not finishing these things. Until I got conscious.


How can I find out if I’m hungry or not?

First of all you need to get conscious and being honest to yourself. In my experience it’s challenging for a lot of people to admit that they do emotional eating. But it is totally fine if you are doing it. When we grew up we often got food as a reward so it’s not strange at all that we do emotional eating.

So be honest to yourself and analyze yourself. Without this analyze you can not change anything. So be honest with yourself and observe yourself. When you are done with that you can start to change. If you do not know what to change and why you can not change anything for real. So be honest with yourself and get conscious.

You can also ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have this dry feeling in my mouth?
  • Would anything to eat be ok right now? (depending on what food is ok for you for ethnical reasons etc)
  • How do I feel right now? Try to listen to your body and feel your feelings.
  • When did I had food last time and how much? Do I REALLY need something right now?
  • Why do I want to eat right now?


You can also try to drink some water first and see if this dry feeling disappears in your mouth or if you are still hungry after having some water.

If you did all that and you got the conclusion that you are still hungry than you probably are.


I got better with emotional eating but im still doing it from time to time. Sometimes I just need some raw pralines for my soul or just want to prepare a delicious and beautiful meal. But that’s ok. Today I’m conscious about it and I give myself the ok to do so. But it’s happening less and less often.


How is this for you? Do you do emotional eating from time to time or are you free from it?


I really hope that this article will help you to know when you are really hungry.


See you soon. Let’s rock.


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