Since I started eating raw food a lot of things has changed. Also my take on cosmetic and skin care has changed completely. When I went to school I always had a BIG layer of make up on my skin and you could smell my perfume 100 meters in advance. Today you will hardly find any common cosmetic products in my bathroom anymore. In my eyes they are just small poison cocktails. They are not good for our environment and they aren’t good for my skin either. I mean we use so many different products and they are not tested how they react with each other. That’s why I want to share with you what I’m using instead to be beauty without chemicals.


Lava earth:

I use it to wash my hair (video about it here), as a shower gel and for face mask (video about that here). It’s so good for my skin and it keeps it young and fresh. Since I’m using lava earth my skin is less dry and it is much more smooth and soft. A lot of people think that we need shower gel to get clean. But most of the times it’s just enough with clear water. If I’m really dirty I use some lava earth as a shower gel and I can really feel how clean I am after that.


Coconut oil:

I use coconut oil a lot. As body lotion, sun lotion, face lotion, deodorant, hand lotion, as a lip balm, make up remover or for oil pulling. It’s so easy to use 1 product for so many different things especially when traveling that’s a big advantage.

It’s the best make up remover I know. I sometimes use some water proof mascara and coconut oil removes it without any problems.

During summer I use it as sun protection because it has a sun protection factor of 4 as far as I know. I do avoid the strong sun during the day (11am-3pm) so for me that’s enough.


Alcaline Salt:

This alkaline salt I use as a deodorant or to take an alkaline bath. Common deodorants often contains metals like aluminium which can be harmful for our body. That’s why I stopped using them and put either some alkaline salt or some coconut oil under my arms. It really helps.

Sometimes I take an alkaline bath  to calm down but most of the times I just bath in water.





As toothpaste I use this one. Before that I used the fluoride free tooth paste by weleda. The one I’m using now is available in my supermarket so that’s the only reason I changed. The most important thing for me is that it is free from fluoride.

I really want to make my own tooth paste out of xylitol and coconut oil. If you have any good tips for me please leave me a comment.



I also got the question recently what I’m using to wash my hands. Most of the time I just use water. But from time to time I still use common hand soap especially when I’m out. I can really feel how it makes my hands dry so if you have any good tip for that than please leave me a comment.


These were all the produce I use and that you can find in my bath room. Not a lot, or what do you think? What do you have in your bathroom? Please leave me a comment.


See you soon. Let’s rock.


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