Not only my family but also my friends and colleagues always want to know what my little daughter (almost 1 year) is eating and if she is having raw foods only. The answer is yes. She is having raw foods only. To get into this question even more and also to talk about certain nutrients as iron, Vitamin D and B12 and omega 3 I want to start sharing the eating habits of my daughter and my experiences with you from now on. Every 6 weeks I will give you an update and answer all your question. So if you have some please leave me a comment.



When did my daughter start eating?

My daughter has been showing interests in food when she was approximately 8 month. Before that she was only playing with it and had no interests in putting it into her mouth. I never forced her to eat because in my opinion my daughter knows best when she wants to start eating foods. I also think that breast feeding is very good so that’s another reason why I had no hurry.


What did I gave her in the first month?

In the beginning I gave her everything she wanted. Of course she always wanted the things I was eating for example green smoothies, fruit smoothies, fresh veggies, lettuce and avocado. To make a long story short all the fruits and veggies that I’m having throughout the day.

But she could not really swallow things like apples, carrots and lettuce because the chunks were too big. That’s why she only got soft fruits and avocados for a while. For example bananas, avocados, smoothies, persimmons – everything that was soft so she could chew it without having teeth.

Today she knows better what she can swallow and she also got some teeth to chew so she gets almost everything again. My daughter wants to eat everything herself and don’t want me to feed her so I cut the fruits and veggies in small bite sizes so that she can put it into her mouth herself. She loves physalis fruits because she can hold them on the leaves and eat the fruit herself. Other fruits and veggies that are very good are blueberries and grapes (I cut them in halves so that they are a bit smaller sizes and that they can not stuck in her through), the flesh of citrus fruits, soft persimmons and  tomatoes (best without the skin). I only put bit by bit on her plate. Otherwise everything will end up on the floor.

She also loves to thieve some veggies from my plate. Brokkoli, celery, fennel, carrots, cucumber, zucchini and salad – everything that mommy eats she wants as well. Now she also can chew much better because now she got more teeth.

When we are in restaurant and I’m giving her some fruits and veggies it always happens that other parents and their children are very amazed how happy Laurella gets when she gets some fresh fruits and veggies and how happy she is eating them. She doesn’t know anything else and she just loves it.

In the beginning I gave her one fruit at a time. So she was having mono meals all the time. Mono meal means that you eat one kind of fruit until you are fully satisfied. In the beginning it was banana only than avocado only and so on. Now she eats 2-3 different kind of fruits/veggies per meal. I read that kids need to develop their taste buds first so that’s why I started with one fruit only.

Laurella did start eating now but she does not eat that much jet. She eats a 1/4 avocado maybe 5 physalis and 1/5 banana a day. So it’s not that much food. She always want to be breast feed anyway because she likes to be close. I want to breast feed as long as possible because I know it’s nutrient wise the best food for her and because I feel that Laurella also wants it. So I have no hurry or pressure to force her to eat more. I think that forcing her to eat can be harmful for further eating habits. The amount of food she eats still variate from day to day.


To sum up my experiences are:

  • let your child decide when it’s ready for food
  • soft fruits and veggies in the beginning only (so they can chew it without teeth)
  • Live as an example – kids copy you
  • Mono meals in the beginning and more variety over time
  • kids know when they have enough – don’t force them


In my video you can also have a look how I’m eating with Laurella and how we are having fun in the kitchen together.

In the next part of this series I will dig more into several nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12 and D and omega 3. I had a doctor and a midwife who scared me that Laurella won’t get these nutrients if she doesn’t eat all the prepared milk substitutes and that she would lack a lot of nutrients. I also had to meat a nutritionist but more about this in the next part.

If you are interested to see what my daughter eats in a day or if you have more  questions regarding this topic than please leave me a comment and I will answer your questions and make a video about what my daughter eats in a day.

See you soon. Let’s rock.


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