It’s quite easy for a lot of people to stay raw during the summer. Fresh and ripe fruits are available, a lot of fruit lucks are going on and it’s warm outside. During winter it is more challenging. It’s cold outside, potlucks are rarely and the variety of fresh and ripe fruits is limited.

This year I managed to stay fully raw during the winter and today I want to share with you what I’ve done different this year.


1. The attitude

During my pregnancy 2014/2015 I changed my attitude towards raw food. Before that I always forced myself to eat fully raw and cooked food was kind of forbidden. But during my pregnancy I allowed myself to have some cooked veggies if I was craving them. By doing this I was taking away the pressure of myself to be perfect. This way I could decide each and every day if I want to eat raw or not. Most of the times I wanted to have the best food and choose to eat raw. Especially after giving birth I really decided to choose the most nutrient dense food for myself and that was raw food. Just because I was conscious that I always have the choice I went fully raw even through this winter. This change of attitude made a big if not the biggest difference for me to stay raw during winter.


2. Be conscious

I noticed that I was craving cooked food when I was stressed out or if I had some emotional issues that I didn’t want to deal with. So I started to lower my stress levels and deal with my emotional issues without solving them with foods. I noticed that I was working more during winter because it is cold outside and dark. So I was lowering my standards and worked more relaxed and the craving for cooked food went away.

I also noticed that my body can either handle emotional things or it can digest cooked foods. I kind of numbed myself with cooked foods. So I was listening to my feelings much more and try to handle them and  experience them. By doing this the cravings for cooked foods went away.


3. My experience

During my pregnancy I was eating some cooked foods in the evenings. This way I noticed that I did not felt that good after eating cooked foods compared to when I was eating fully raw. I might call it a failure that I had some cooked foods but I was using these failures as a motivation for myself. I was motivated by feeling how much better I felt with raw foods so the time between the cooked meals got bigger and bigger and before I knew it I didn’t want to have any cooked foods at all anymore. Just by feeling the difference. That’s why struggles can be helpful. More about this you can find here.


4. More variety

I started to create more recipes to get more variety. Before I was eating a salad kind of each and every evening. Today I’m making raw pizza, pie, sushi and potato salad and it’s so much more fun.


5. Community

I started to invite more people into my home during winter to share my food with them. I did raw brunches and at least one raw girls night every week. That’s why I’m so motivated to create new recipes and I got motivated by my friends to stay raw. It’s catching:-) All this energy  and the nice talks really helped me. On Instagram I always post pictures about this.


6. Perception

I got the perception that we do eat warm in the winter and we do eat ice cream in winter no matter how hot or cold it is. I always thought that we do eat warm in the winter and ice cream just during summer but that’s not true. As soon as I realized that I don’t really need something warm in the winter. And if so I do blend my smoothie a bit longer so I have something warm as well or I just have some slightly warm water.


7. The sign

In the beginning of this winter I think it was end of October, I did cooked some pumpkin. I was just about to serve this very hot pumpkin having my little daughter in my arms when she was reaching out for it and burned her little finger. She cried so much and it hurt so much in my heart that I was throwing away the  whole pumpkin. My daughter got a blister on her finger and that was a sign for me that the universe wanted to remind me what’s best for me. Since than I haven’t even thought about cooking anything at all. No one can burn their fingers on raw food and it’s the best food for me anyway. I don’t want you to burn your child’s finger. I just want to share all the reasons for staying fully raw during this winter.


Now you know how I managed to get through this winter fully raw. And now I want to hear from you. How are you handling the winter? Do you stay fully raw? And do you crave something warm in the winter? Please leave me a comment and share your experience with me and all your readers.


See you soon. Let’s rock.


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