There are so many so called super foods out there and you will rarely find someone who doesn’t take them. I try to eat as much fresh fruits and veggies to get all the nutrients in. But there are some superfoods I do eat every day to get some extra nutrients in and to really secure my levels. Our food is less and less nutrient dense and I want to make sure, I get all I need. So here are the 4 super foods I take on a daily basis:


1. Wheatgrass – I just love wheatgrass. I would rather drink a fresh wheat grass shot every day but this is not possible for me right now. That’s why I use wheat grass powder and drink it with some carrot juice every morning. I take it to secure my selenium level and because it contains b12 (due to chronometer.com). When they discovered wheat grass they noticed that the hens which were eating wheat grass had a much stronger immune system and they produced more and bigger eggs in comparison to the hens who did not eat wheat grass. I like this and what’s right  for the hens can’t be wrong for me:-)


2. Barley gras – I also do take barley grass every morning as I do with the wheat grass. Barley gras is similar to wheat grass and the only reason I take it, is to secure my nutrient values and because I like it. I think either wheat grass or barley grass would be enough but I like it so much so I take them both.


3. Moringa powder – Moringa is the plant of life. It’s not as common jet. It’s the plant that contains the most nutrients and as far as I know you could live a shorter time just by eating this plant. I take 1/2 table spoon every day with some juice because I want to become 120 years old.


4. Maca powder – I haven’t had Maca in a while but I started to eat it just a few weeks ago again. It’s supposed to be very good for the hormone system and increases the libido. Not that I need it… haha. I take it because I still have the feeling that my hormone system is not 100% balanced do to the contraception pill I used for such a long time.


These are the 4 super foods I take on a daily basis. I also eat Gojiberries and mulberries from time to time but I do not count them as super foods any more.

And now I want to hear from you. Which super foods are you using and why? Please leave me a comment.


See you soon. Lets rock.


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