Hej Hej,


as you might know I have been in LA recently. The flight from Stockholm to LA was quite long. We flew from Stockholm to Oslo and had 4 hours stop over and than we continued for 11 more hours to LA. What do you eat on such a long flight as a 801010 raw vegan and how do you handle traveling so long? To answer all these questions I recorded everything I eat this day and show you how I’m preparing for such a long journey.


Here are a few tips that I would do different next time:

  • I would bring a salad that is less fluid. The dressing got quite fluid after adding it onto the salad because I had zucchini and cucumbers in the salad. That made the dressing and the whole salad very watery so I didn’t get it through the security check in Oslo. On the flight back I had a kale salad and added almost the same dressing to the salad but that was fine. The dressing stick to the salad and there were no problems at all. So no watery veggies in the salad any more when traveling.
  • If I would want to bring a dip I would use more of these small plastic containers that are below 100ml.
  • Fruits or veggies that are soft I would put into a box as well. To prevent them from getting mashed.
  • I would bring more dried fruits or date balls (because they are fine to take into USA as far as I know) to have an emergency breakfast or energy boost for the next day. Just 3 date balls was quite little. We decided not not go for fruit shopping the evening we landed because we all were a bit tired.


Apart from that I was energized and carbed up throughout the whole journey and I found it very easy to travel with raw food. It is as easy or complicated as you make it.


Have fun with the video and leave me a comment how you travel with raw food.


See you soon. Let’s rock.


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