Who doesn’t want to have clear skin? I really know that feeling. When I was a teen I really had bad skin and I just wanted to stay at home all day long and hide from society. The major change for me came when I changed my diet and especially going vegan and raw. Now I ofter get the question what I have done to get such clear skin so today I want to share my 8 best tips for clear skin with you.


  1. Drink a lot. By that I mean clear water. Water helps the skin to detoxify from the inside out. If you drink a lot you will speed up the cleansing process and support your skin. I drink approximately 1.5-2 liters of clear and fresh water every day.
  2. Unprocessed food. The more processed food the less nutrients and the more additives it contains and this can effect the skin. Try to eat as water rich food like fruits and veggies as possible to support your skin.
  3. Wash 2 times a day. I wash my skin 2 times a day. Every morning when I get up and straight before I go to bed. I use cold or slightly warm water and just put some coconut oil on my skin after it.
  4. Clean towels. If you dry your skin after washing with a towel make sure the towel is clean. Otherwise there can be some old dirt on your towel which you massage into your clean skin again. It helped me a lot to have clean towels.
  5. Natural products. I only use natural products on my skin. I use lavaearth, coconut oil and water. Not more. Not less. I found out that the less chemicals the better for my skin. Here you can see how I use the lava earth for my hair.
  6. Avoid make up. I don’t use any make up at all except some mascara here and than. Since I cut out all make up my skin really got much better. Makeup prevents the skin from breathing and adds chemicals to it that in my opinion doesn’t help at all except Uv protection.
  7. Peeling. A few times a year (5-6 times) I do a peeling or a face mask. I use lavaearth for it. The skin feels so fresh and clean after it and I can really see my skin glowing.
  8. Brushing the skin. For my body and my face as well I use a brush from time to time (see picture below). I do brush my whole body and my face while having a shower. This increases the blood circulation and takes old skin particles away. It really makes my skin more soft.

brush mindre 2 brush mindre 3

These are my 8 best tipps how I got beautiful skin and now I want to hear from you. Do you have other tipps to get clear skin and what are you doing for your skin? Please leave me a comment.


See you soon. Let’s rock!


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