I have quite a lot of friends but only a few of them are interested in raw food or living a vegan lifestyle. Anyway I’m very social and meet friends almost every day. Especially now been home with my little daughter. So here are my 7 best tips how I deal with friends and be social on a raw vegan lifestyle:


  1. Ask! If I’m invited over to a friends house I do ask if I either can bring my own food or if they can prepare a simple raw meal for me. Often they love to prepare a raw meal for me and trying new things. They are so proud to be able to serve me a raw meal. When I bring my own food I always make a bigger portion so that everybody can taste or in case anyone wants to eat my meal instead so I have enough to share. You will be surprised who will like raw food:-)
  2. Invite friends over. I often invite friends to my place. Than I’ll prepare my best and most favorite recipes and make the best dessert. So they can’t resist and I make sure they love it. Here you can see what I made for my friend the other day. The dessert was just too good and my friend wants to eat more raw food now:-)
  3. Don’t meet over food. When I meet friends, especially the once less interested in raw food, I often meet for a walk, shopping at the farmers market or some other activities. that way I can talk to them and be social without getting into the topic food.
  4. Eat before. If I do go to a restaurant that is not raw food than I eat before heading to the restaurant and then I just order a small salad or some fruits at the restaurant. Sometimes I also call the restaurant before to check out what they can make for me and to prepare them for my special wishes:-)
  5. Juice bars or Raw Food places. Juice bars are very fancy right now and everybody hangs out there. So am I with my friends. And to be honest, who doesn’t like fresh pressed juices? I also bring friends to raw food places so they can taste same raw food if they are open for that. Often they are surprised how good raw cakes can taste.
  6. Raw Fruitlucks. Sometimes there are fruit lucks here in Stockholm or in cities where I’m traveling to. I find these fruit lucks through Facebook by searching after groups like Fruitluck Stockholm. You can join them for free and you’ll get all the information where and when the Fruitlucks takes place. Everybody brings either fruits or some raw dish and everybody can taste everything. That way I meet new likeminded friends and try new dishes:-)
  7. Raw Food Festivals. Last year I’ve been to the Fresh Fruit Festival in Denmark and it was one of the best weekends I ever had. So many likeminded people I met and I made so many new friends all around the world. I felt like coming home. Nobody questioning eating big volumes or just fresh fruits and veggies and everything at the buffet was raw and 801010. Such a nice experience and I can warmly recommend it to everybody. I will definitely go there next year again or to the UK festival.


I hope that these tips will help you to be more social on a raw food lifestyle. Please leave me a comment if we will meet next year at the Fresh Food Festival or not.

See you soon. Let’s rock!



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