Another frequently asked question, beside the question about the protein, in the raw food world, is the question about calcium. As a high carb raw vegan raw foodie I do not drink milk at all so that’s why I want to share all my knowledge about calcium with you today.

Calcium is very important for strong bones and teeth. For me as a breastfeeding mother its even more important so my daughter and I get enough of it.

Before I will tell you the best sources of calcium in the raw food world I want to get into another fact. If you look into a nutrient like calcium it’s very important to not only see which foods contain a lot of calcium. It is more important if and how your body can absorb this calcium and what foods will take away calcium from you. Milk for example contains a lot of calcium but your body cannot absorb this calcium. Instead your body has to supply calcium to digest milk. So milk does not give your body calcium it takes calcium from you to digest it. You will excrete most of the calcium from milk again so in the end you lost more calcium by digesting milk than absorbing from it. With that milk is a calcium thief.

But now I want to tell you the best sources of calcium I found during my plant based lifestyle:

1. sesame – contains 8.5 times more calcium than milk per 100 gram

2. Chia seeds – contains 5.5 times more calcium than milk per 100 gram

3. Nettles – contains 4 times more calcium than milk per 100 gram

4. Maca powder – contains 3.5 times more calcium than milk per 100 gram

5. Almonds – contains 2 times more calcium than milk per 100 gram


As you might know I only eat a low fat diet so I don’t eat a lot of sesame seeds or chia seeds during the day. I eat 1 table spoon a day but not more. My best source of calcium are leafy green veggies like basil, parley and kale which all contains more calcium per 100gram than milk (in average 1.5 times more calcium than milk). It’s easy for me to eat 500gram of greens or more during one day so I almost always cover my calcium intake during one day.

In my food diary videos I always include the nutrient values of this day at the end of the video. Feel free to check them out if you want to see what I eat in a day to get my calcium.

Here you can download my free nutrient list to find even more healthy calcium coerces.

I hope that this information will help you to get enough calcium and feel free to leave me a comment if you have more questions.


See you soon. Let’s rock!


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