Hej, hej,

When I post on Instagram how I wash my hair I got plenty of questions and comments about that so today I finally share more details about that with you.

In november 2014 i stopped using normal shampoo (even if it was organic) and I replaced it with so called ”lava earth”. First I used this one from Luvos but it did not worked out as I want it to. My hair did not get clean and was still greasy after washing. Than I switched to this product from Logona and since than my hair is so beautiful.

I wash my hair once a week and since using this product from Logona my hair got so thick, shiny and strong. My friend just said yesterday that my hair looks like the hair of a mermaid:-)

But back to the question how I use the earth. I put some powder into a bowl, add some water and stir it up until I got a pudding like consistency. Than I jump into the shower, make my hair wet, put on the earth and massage it into my scalp. I don’t put any earth into the end of the hair, just the scalp. I leave it for 5 minutes and than I rinse it thoroughly. I dry my hair with the hair dryer and that’s it.

The earth is also good to travel with because it’s no liquid!

If you have dry hair or feel that your hair is a bit electrified after washing than you can massage some olive oil into the ends to solve that.


I hope this tip will help you to get beautiful hair as well, Please leave me a comment how it is working for you or f you have any more questions.


See you soon. Let’s rock!


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