Johanna & her mum

Johanna & her mum



Before the workshop: ”I knew very little about the raw food diet.”

I signed up because: I’m very interested in eating healthy and I wanted to know what raw food was and what you could do with just plain raw food.

After the workshop: ”I’m amazed of how much you can do without cooking the food. I have learned a lot today and I am definitely going to start eating more raw food. I will start with raw breakfast. The banana ice-cream was A-HA!

Other comments: ”I would love to learn even more about raw food and to come another course.”





Before the workshop: ”I knew very little. Smoothies was the only thing I knew.”

I signed up because: ”I have seen Maria eating so much different and was curious to make and taste this kind of food myself.”

After the workshop: ”It is really much more than smoothies!!! It is a big variety of different dishes that you can make. What a variation! And so delicious and satisfying!”

Other comments: ”I’ve never got so much knowledge about organic raw food and how important it is to stay healthy, strong and happy.”





Before the workshop: ”More or less no knowledge.”

I signed up because: ”Was curious.”

After the workshop: ”I’m inspired of your course. I want to stop with everything that destroy our earth. I’m vegetarian but have been drinking milk and eating eggs. Now I want to transition all the way to raw food step by step.”

Other comments: ”Thank you for a great course.”


Lena & her daughter

Lena & her daughter


Before the workshop: ”I knew very little but wanted to learn more.”

I signed up because: ”I want to eat more healthy! And to get started to eat more raw food on a daily basis. Learn more about raw food on a daily basis and what it means. Also understand how I can eat more healthy in order to live a long and healthy life.”

After the workshop: ”A lot of ”truths” that I got explained that they are not true, for example that you can fight osteoporosis with milk and that you do not have to eat meat to get your protein.

Other comments: ”A lot of recipes and tips that are easy to follow to eat more raw food”.



Before the workshop: ”I had tried some raw food when eating out and was curious to learn more.”

I signed up because: ”I wanted to learn more and to get inspired.”

After the workshop: ”I will start buying more organic fruits and greens and try to incorporate more raw food into my daily diet. I especially enjoyed the banana ice-cream.

Other comments: ”I liked the way we started off with facts and background and then went into ”cooking”. Overall super fun and inspiring.”



Before the workshop: ”Just a little about raw food but quite a lot about nutrition.”

I signed up because: ”interested.”

After the workshop: ”I loved the ice-cream, the Vitamixer and how fast you can make raw food.”

Other comments: ”Great course. Maria inspired with her enthusiasm and knowledge.”





Before the workshop: ”I knew quite a lot about raw food, although it is a different thing to know and another to practice. I needed a little kickstart.”

I signed up because: ”I wanted some practical experience”.

After the workshop: ”I will eat more raw food breakfasts like fruit creams and smoothies.”

Other comments: ”Great course, loved it!”


Eva Susanne

Eva Susanne

Eva Susanne:

Before the workshop: ”I knew a lot since many years back but not how to eat just raw food.”

I signed up because: ”To get inspired.”

After the workshop: ”I will buy the Vitamixer and take away more and more ”all food”.

Other comments: ”Just great!”


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