A lot of people do not know how much fruit and vegetables they have to eat to obtain the necessary daily need of calories. They are used to eat concentrated cooked food. Just replacing the amount of cooked food is not enough. Fruit and vegetables are higher in water and lower in calories so you have to eat larger volumes to get enough calories. You can eat more without gaining weight. Isn’t that fantastic?  Here are my best tips how you make sure you eat enough calories when eating a high raw food diet:

  1. Use a calculator to determine you get enough calories throughout the day. Calculators I can recommend are chronometer, nutridiary and FitDay. Calculate your calories for at least one week to make sure that you get a feeling for how much you have to eat. By doing this you will also see that you are getting more than enough nutritions from raw fruits and vegetables.
  2. Listen to your body and always eat when you are hungry. Your body knows best when you need more calories. Your goals is to eat 3 times a day but during transition it can be easier to eat 5 times a day. As soon as your stomach can handle larger amounts of fruits you can change to 3 times a day. Fruits and vegetables are higher in water than cooked food so you can eat more delicious food without gaining weight. Who doesn’t like that?
  3. Watch videos on youtube where long term raw foodies share what they eat during a day or a week so you get an overview and better feeling for the amount of fruits and vegetables. You can click here to see what I eat during a week.

I hope that these tips will help you to make sure you eat enough to thrive on a raw food diet. Enjoy your fruits & vegetables and stay happy and healthy.

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