You do not get satisfied on a raw vegan diet? Do you get hungry again after just one or two hours? This is probably because you do not eat enough. That’s why I want to share with you what I eat in a week. It really is A LOT!!!

To get enough calories on a high fruit and vegetable diet you simply need to eat more. Isn’t that great? Fruits and vegetables are much lower in calories than for example bread and butter. You can enjoy more of this deliciousness without gaining weight. Here is one example: one portion of pasta with sauce has approximately  650 calories. To get this amount of calories from fruit you have to eat 8-9 apples depending on the size. That is more than one kilo of apples. A meal for me is around this big and often even bigger. A big salad is around 300 calories and than I’m talking about a BIG bowl (at least a bowl with a diameter of 30 cm and a high of 20cm) filled up to the top. To get up to 2000 calories (average daily amount of calories for a woman) you need to eat 3 of these fruit meals and one big salad. Can you imagine all this vibrancy and nutritions flushing through your body and giving you tones of energy and beauty from the insight?

On the picture you see all the fruits and vegetables I eat in one week holiday (so I was not exercising as usual). That doesn’t even include the greens and fruits for my green juices which I also had every day.



There is also one avocado and a small box of chia seeds(between the figs and the tomatoes). This is all the fat I eat in one week. This seems little for the most people. For me it is perfect because I’m living the 80/10/10 diet by Dr Doug Graham. Fat is important and we need it. It is just the amount that makes the difference.


I hope this information will help you to find out how much is good for you. Everybody is different and unique and the only person who knows how much is enough is you .This is the diet that works best for me. Try it and find out how it works for you. To get started right away to eat more raw food please subscribe to my newsletter and get my best tips on how to get started, what you will need to start and easy recipes for the beginning. If you need more personal help you can contact me so I can coach you individually. Have a happy and healthy time by eating more raw food.

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