Are you looking for the perfect raw food snack now in the hot summer? Do you want something sweet and refreshing in between? Here you get what you want:


Peaches are in season and they are juicy and sweet right now. You can eat as many as you like without regrets, share them with friends and family or bring them to a pick nick in the park.


  • low in calories (39 calories per 100gr = approximately 68 calories per peach)
  • lots of minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, potassium and fluoride (potassium help regulate the blood pressure and regulate the heart rate)
  • lots of vitamins (A, C, E and K)
  • they are free from saturated fat
  • contribute in eye health (due to it’s beta carotene)
  • excellent for your skin (due to it’s vitamin C)
  • toxic cleanser (due to it high amount of fiber and potassium)
  • antioxidants

Do you feel a craving for peaches? Let’s go and get some.
















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