Hej Hej,

It’s Maria from More Rawfood.

My Vision is to inspire miljons of people to rock their life and to do more of what they really love by eating more raw food. Sounds crazy. I know.

I’m a dreamer but I am not the only one…


Since I started to eat raw food back in april 2010 overnight my life really rocks. I have plenty of energy, I can eat what ever I want and still stay lean. But most of all I do live on the bright side of life. (more info about that click here)

Do you also want to:

  • quit your boring daily routine and start over again?
  • having lot’s of energy, health and zest for life?
  • eat until your totally satisfied on every single meal?
  • rock your life?

If the answer to one of these question is YES than you have come to the right place.


What will you find here:

  • everything about raw food – raw food in your daily life, raw food and sport, raw food and anti aging, raw food and kids, raw food when traveling, raw food and nutrients, tools for raw food etc, etc, etc
  • fun, easy, fast and delicious recipes directly from my kitchen
  • concrete methods, tipps, tricks and strategies how YOU can include more raw food into your life
  • my experience I made during my journey so far
  • motivation, inspiration and a lot more


I wish you lot’s of fun exploring all the delicious recipes and interesting articles. Please email me or leave me a comment. I love to here from you!

If you want to know more about me you can find me on YoutubeInstagram or Facebook .

See you around! Let’s rock!








Hej Hej, Ich bin Maria und hier auf MoreRawfood zeige ich dir wie auch du mit Rohkost dein Leben rocken kannst. Hier findest du Artikel rund ums Thema gesunde Ernährung, Nachhaltigkeit und ein gesundes Leben. Wenn du mehr über mich erfahren möchtest dann folge mir gern bei Youtube und Instagram.

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