Are you new in the Raw Food World and want to eat more healthy? Than I guess you have tones of questions. But guess what? You are at the right place.

This page is so to say what I wished I had found when I started my raw food journey. I will answer all your questions, will give you concrete methods and strategies how you can change your diet once for ever without being hungry or any sacrifice. So that you finally can rock your life full of energy and happiness.


The most important questions, what it is, how to get started, what you need to start and which benefits this lifestyle will give you, I’ve collected in a free e-book especially for you plus some really delicious recipes on top of that.



What’s important when starting a raw food diet?

There are tones of different raw food diets, lot’s of fat, little fats, salt free, gourmet raw food, 80/10/10, Raw Till 4, just to mention a few and everyone of them is the best, of course. But don’t be confused. Try to include more and more raw food into your diet in small steps as I mentioned in my free ebook. You will notice very fast what’s working best for you and how you feel the best due to how your life looks right now.


Use the power of the community!

When changing your diet into a raw food diet you will get a lot of questions and people are getting curious. That’s for sure! Where do you get your protein from, milch makes strong bones etc, etc. So it is very important that you do have a community which understands you and gives you support on your journey. That’s why I’ve started my Facebook page  where you can ask me all your questions. On FB I will give you facts about nutrients and motivation just in case it gets a little bumpy on your road. Don’t hesitate to ask because asking is the fastest way to get knowledge. And to be honest, there are no stupid questions. Only stupid answers:-) You will find me daily on Facebook und Instagram but if you like it even more personal you can always send me an email.


I’ll guess you have more questions like:

  • Where do I get my protein, Calcium, B12, Vitamin D etc from?
  • How to be social on a raw food diet?
  • How to handle family and holidays?
  • How to travel when eating raw food?
  • Which raw for diet is the best for me?
  • Can my kids eat raw as well?
  • Raw food and sport – does it work?
  • How much greens do I have to eat every day?

All these questions and much more I will answer in my articles, on YoutubeFacebook and Instagram and share all my knowledge with you. I’m always happy to get a comment from you and of course I’m curious about hearing how your journey is going on.

If you really want to kick start and want to give this lifestyle a go you might be interested in that.


I see you around! Let’s rock!




Hej Hej, Ich bin Maria und hier auf MoreRawfood zeige ich dir wie auch du mit Rohkost dein Leben rocken kannst. Hier findest du Artikel rund ums Thema gesunde Ernährung, Nachhaltigkeit und ein gesundes Leben. Wenn du mehr über mich erfahren möchtest dann folge mir gern bei Youtube und Instagram.

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